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Q. I have been a GS employee for eight years, plus I bought back four years on military. If I take a wage grade position for around four years, how would this affect my retirement?

Q. I have approximately 39 years of service/contributions to the CSRS pension plan, and high-3 is approximately $95,000. What is the approximate net worth of the plan? From articles I have read, calculating this can be difficult, as there are too many variables to consider. My retirement estimate given current deductions is $3650 per month.

Q. I was told that because I have 43 years of service with 2500 hours of sick leave, I will get 82 percent annuity and that the two months of unused sick leave will be given to me in a lump-sum cash payment, just like my unused annual leave. It was stated this was a new law. Is this true?

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