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BC/BS and VA


Q. I will turn 65 next May and have retired from the post office after 33 years. I have BC/BS with the post office, and I’m also with the VA. What happens with my coverage from the post office when I turn 65? Do I have to keep the coverage since I’m with the VA? A. Your BC/BS enrollment is under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. It doesn’t make any difference which agency you were working for when you enrolled or which one you are working for now.

Health care coverage


Q. I am a federal employee, 66 years old, planning to retire Jan. 3. I now have full coverage under Blue Cross Blue Shield for me and my husband. I understand that when I retire, I must sign up for Medicare Part A, but I am not sure about part B. If I elect to take Medicare Part B, and have BCBS as my supplement, may I still purchase my prescriptions through CVS Care Mark after I retire? Can you tell me the monthly cost for my spouse and myself to continue with full coverage under BCBS?

Retirement coverage


Q. I plan to retire in approximately a year at age 55. I have been covered by my wife’s insurance and we thought that I could stop coverage with my wife in the next open enrollment and go on FEP, but they told me in my office that I had to have five years on FEP before I could have coverage upon retirement. Is this true? Why wasn’t this ever brought to my attention? Do I have any options?

FEHB program coverage


Q. I was a Miltec for the army and I took a postponed retirement in 2008. Up to that point I had medical coverage under the FEHB program for five years. I have reentered Miltec status and have medical coverage, but will retire before I have five years of medical coverage for this period of service. Will I still have medical coverage after retirement or will I lose it because I didn’t have medical coverage for this period of service for 5 consecutive years?

FERS MRA+10 and heath coverage


Q. If my wife chose to retire now, at her minimum retirement age of 56 with 13 years of FERS service, would she be able to postpone her annuity until age 60?  She currently carries FEHB (self), as long as she has had it the last five years, can I pick her up under my FEHB (self+1 or family) once she retires and then when she becomes 60 she can reinstate her own self-plan at that point?

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