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Q. I am trying to find out if I am eligible for a deferred retirement. Here are the specifics: 1. I am 61. 2. I have a total of four years of government service (with one break in service) as of December 2015. 3. I have bought back my military time (6.5 years). Can I do a MRA+10 deferred retirement under FERS now?

Q. I am currently employed as a Defense Department civilian. I have approximately 16 years of federal service, with 13 years working in a law enforcement position. I am considering retiring at my Minimum Retirement Age with over 20 years of service. Since I contributed more toward my pension under the LEO system (1.3 percent versus 0.8 percent), will my FERS retirement be calculated using two different systems (LEO and regular)?

Q. If I retire under the MRA+10 provision, what happens to my unused sick leave? For example, if I retire as soon as I reach my Minimum Retirement Age with 12 years of service, and I have over 900 hours of unused sick leave, will I be credited as though I worked a few months past my MRA for the purpose of my annuity calculation, thus reducing a small portion of the age reduction for retiring before age 62?

Q. I am under FERS for retirement and would like to know how far in advance of my proposed MRA+10 retirement date I can submit my retirement paperwork. I have heard three months, four months and up to a year in advance.

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