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Q. I retired from the Air Force with 24 years of service and was selected for a firefighter position at the age of 44 with an age waiver since I was a firefighter for my entire Air Force career. Can I take the Minimum Retirement Age of 57 and 13 years of civil service and retire early without penalty? I have just finished my third year of civil service, so I still have 10 years until my 57th birthday. I am trying to plan whether it is a possibility or if I will have to wait the additional 7 years…

Q. If my agency offers an early out I will be age 53 with 28 years of service. My question is in regards to the FERS supplement. Will I still be entitled to this at my MRA which is age 56 or is it lost forever? Some in HR have said it will be lost because I retired early out and therefore I will never receive it. This is a major factor in deciding if I wish to go out early.

Q. I made a deposit on temporary civil service time performed in 1983. Will that time count toward the 10 years needed for the FERS MRA+10? I read military buyback doesn’t count toward the minimum 10 years, but I’m not seeing an article that mentions the buyback of federal temporary time.

Q. I am FERS — age 56 with 17 years of service. If my duty location relocates to another state, and I do not wish to relocate, would I receive a retirement package? If so, would it be similar to a VSIP entitlement where you would get $25,000 plus the weekly severance pay for 52 weeks, which shows under my own general pay information in the TWMS site? Also, at that point after the year of severance would I fall into a retirement at that time? Would I still accrue annual and sick leave during the severance payment time?

Q. My USPS retirement eligibility date is Dec. 30 (56th birthday).  My annuity projection shows about a $10,000 difference if retiring Dec. 30 vs. April 15 next year, which would be exactly 30 years.  Is this  correct? A. If you retired at your MRA but with fewer than 30 years of service, you’d be retiring under the MRA+10 provision, which would reduce your annuity by 5 percent for every year you were under age 62. To avoid that hit, you’ll need to wait until you have 30 years of service to retire.

Q. I received a Discontinued Service Retirement (DSR) from my agency in 2011 at age 53 with over 20 years of federal service (FERS). I receive an unreduced annuity. I have now reached my MRA of age 56. I believe I now should be able to receive the annuity supplement, but the Office of Personnel Management has not yet begun paying it to me. FERS Handbook Chapter 51 indicates to me that I am indeed eligible for the supplement. I noticed that, in your response to a similar question, you stated that the questioner retired under the MRA+10 provisions and…

Q. I got out of the Coast Guard (honorable discharge if that matters) with 14 years of active-duty service. I worked for the Transportation Security Administration for eight months before settling into a position with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where I bought my military time back. Can I combine my military time with my federal time to meet my minimum retirement age? 

Q. I’m currently receiving Worker’s Comp. payments for a work related knee injury in July 2012. I’ve had two surgeries and tried numerous physical therapy sessions and the problem has only worsened. I’m in pain all the time. I haven’t returned to work since my injury. I told my doctor that I couldn’t keep up the therapy because it was too painful. My agency required a medical answer from my surgeon as to whether I was able to do anything. He stated that I was permanently incapacitated at this time. I was surprised my agency hadn’t separated me, and I…

Q. If my wife chose to retire now, at her minimum retirement age of 56 with 13 years of FERS service, would she be able to postpone her annuity until age 60?  She currently carries FEHB (self), as long as she has had it the last five years, can I pick her up under my FEHB (self+1 or family) once she retires and then when she becomes 60 she can reinstate her own self-plan at that point?

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