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Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee with almost 30 years of service. After my first period of civilian service (1981 through 1992), I was laid off during a RIF. I withdrew my CSRS deposit in 1992 and have not paid it back. Can I still get retirement credit for my civilian service prior to March 1, 1991, and receive actuarial reduction versus paying back my withdrawal plus interest?

Q. At 19, I was recruited and placed into a civilian Defense Department position as a cooperative education student. I would be placed on leave without pay during periods when I was attending college and not working. This continued for five years. My start date was June 1980 and I finished my degree in August 1985. My service computation date is April 1982. Is there an option to buy those LWOP periods to bring my SCD to 1980?

Q. I am a FERS employee working for the Department of Agriculture. I have been offered a job outside of the government and am trying to see the pros and cons of leaving. I am a FERS employee with a service computation date of Aug. 17, 1986, and am 46 years old. If I apply for Voluntary Early Retirement Authority, what would the disadvantages or advantages be?

Q. What are the differences if my retirement date is Nov. 29, 2014, or Dec. 1, 2014? I will be retiring from the Postal Service as a Level 18 postmaster. I am retiring under CSRS. My service computation date is July 6, 1979. I will be turning 55 on Nov. 16. I have worked continuously at the Postal Service, and I have 1,848.84 hours of accumulated sick leave.

Q. I will be 56 on April 27, 2017. My service computation date is Dec. 31, 1986. I was in the Coast Guard from 1982 to 1986 and with the National Park Service since Dec. 31, 1990. Seven years ago, I bought back my four years of service to add to FERS, but when I was hired by the NPS, for three years or so, I was under a temporary not-to-exceed one year appointment that got renewed each year until the Office of Personnel Management declared those appointments no longer valid. We were basically full-time employees with no benefits. So…

Q. I began working for the Defense Department in 1981. In 1993, I took a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. I received severance pay at that time. I came back to work in 1998. My adjusted service computation date is 1987. I have 26 years with DoD, and I am 52. If a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority is offered and I apply, provided I am approved, would I receive severance pay minus the amount I received in 1993 or none at all?

Q. I have worked for the Defense Department since December 2008 under FERS. I was medically retired with 15 years and seven months of service from October 1984 to June 2000. I’ve bought back all of my service time. What should be changed with my service computation date? How does this affect my leave accrual time?