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Special retirement supplement


Q. If I retire with MRA and 30, can I waive the special retirement supplement and draw the increased annuity at 62? A. Even if you waived the special retirement supplement — which I don’t think is possible — it would have no affect on your FERS annuity. That annuity is set on the day you retire and doesn’t change until you reach age 62 and are first eligible for a cost-of-living adjustment.

No need to stop special retirement supplement


Q. I am a retired federal law enforcement officer receiving a FERS supplement. I turned 62 on March 17, which means my FERS supplement should end. However, when I looked on the OPM website, I saw where the supplement will be included in my April pay. Do I have to initiate action to stop the supplement, or will it be done automatically ? A. You don’t have to do anything. The special retirement supplement ends on the last day of the month in which a retiree turns age 62. Because annuity payments are made retroactively, your April payment was for…

FERS supplement after MRA


Q. I retired at 52 under FERS as a law enforcement agent after 27 years of federal service. I immediately began my second career working outside federal government.  My monthly annuity includes the FERS supplement. I reached my minimum retirement age of 56 last month, but the supplement is still included in my monthly annuity.  I make more than the “needs tested” amount annually but am still receiving the FERS supplement. Should the FERS Supplement disappear the month following your MRA birth month? Is it removed by OPM automatically, or does OPM continue to pay the supplement? How exactly is…

Deferred retirement at 31 years of service


Q. I have 31 years of federal service at age 50: 27 Civil Service and 4 military which I bought back. Do I wait to fill out my retirement paperwork near my minimum retirement age, or do I fill that out at the time I resign? I read that because I have five point preference that my reinstatement rights don’t have a three year time limit? If I resign and then apply for a federal job and get hired at age 55, work one year and then retire at my MRA of 56, would I be eligible for the Social…

Law enforcement retirement


Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer and currently have 22 years of service. I’ll turn 46 in March of this year. I also have five years of Marine Corps time that I was active duty. I understand the rule that I can retire at any age with 25 years of creditable service or retire at age 50 with 20 years of service. I will fall into the 25 year rule, since I will be less that 50 when I am eligible. I know I am supposed to get a Social Security bridge when I retire until my regular…

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