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CSRS Offset and survivor annuity


Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee who will be retiring in January. My spouse is a full CSRS retiree receiving an annuity. I am trying to decide if I should provide a survivor annuity for him on my retirement. 1. Because he is a full CSRS and affected by the windfall elimination provision, I was told by Social Security that he would not be eligible for Social Security spousal benefits on my Social Security account. Is this correct? 2. If I take the full 55 percent survivor annuity for my spouse and he does not apply for Social Security,…

CSRS and Social Security


Q. Husband, age 54, is retiring under Voluntary Early Retirement Authority on Dec. 31. He has 31 years with the Postal Service under CSRS and three years with the military and did not pay back his military time. He has 19 quarters earned for Social Security. He does not intend to earn the full 40 quarters of Social Security prior to age 62. If he earns the full 40 quarters after age 62 — say, at age 64 — what will happen?

Government pension offset


Q. My wife receives Social Security benefits under my contributions and from hers. She is not a federal retiree, but a retired teacher who had 20 calendar months uncovered, which was credited by the teachers’ pension as eight school months. The government pension offset was applied against her whole Social Security benefit. Does the GPO get applied in this manner, or should it be similar to the windfall elimination provision, which goes against only the portion of pension dependent upon the uncovered months?



Q. I am a CSRS employee who has been working for 33 years plus four years of military credit gives me 37 years of service. I also have more than 40 credits to qualify for Social Security. I will be 62 this month. What is my classification in terms of government pension offset, windfall, etc.? I know that since I will receive a government pension, my Social Security will be reduced, but by how much and how can I figure it out? I plan on retiring ay the end of this year or next year.

Social Security reduction?


Q. When determining the number of substantial years of contribution for Social Security purposes, is it when one actually enrolls for benefits or when one is eligible for benefits? I will be subject to the windfall elimination provision due to a small pension from CSRS. At age 62, I will have 28 years of substantial contributions. If I wait until my full retirement age, I will have 34 years of substantial contributions. Will there be any reduction of Social Security benefits?

CSRS Offset


Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee who retired in 2007 from the Postal Service. I just turned 62 and the Office of Personnel Management started reducing my annuity due to eligibility to SSA. I also applied for Social Security. After receiving one full check, they too have reduced my check under the windfall elimination provision for the same exact amount as the OPM reduced it. Is this possible?

Windfall elimination provision


Q. I am a 62-year-old CSRS Offset retiree receiving Social Security survivor benefits. I have been informed that my annuity will be reduced by $773 per month since I am now eligible for Social Security benefits. When I applied for Social Security benefits on my own earnings, I was told that I could not receive both my benefit and the survivor benefit I was already receiving. It was my understanding that I would receive a reduced Social Security benefit equal to the amount of the offset to my annuity and that I was also entitled to keep my Social Security…

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