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Creditable service and VERA


Q. I worked for the Department of the Interior from April 25, 1988, as a seasonal employee until I was converted to career conditional on Dec. 4, 1988. I was then hired at the Postal Service on March 11, 1989. Can I buy back my seasonal time? Will that help with creditable service toward the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority? Can sick leave and annual leave be credited toward the VERA? I do not have the age and my current service computation date is Dec. 4, 1988. I am hoping to reach the 25 years at any age, but it appears…

Annual leave


Q. I am joining the Air Force this summer after four years of Defense Department civil service. Will I be able to take a lump-sum payment for my accumulated annual leave, or will I have to allow my annual leave to roll over to my new Air Force position? A. Your annual leave isn’t transferable. Assuming that you are separating from the civilian government, you’ll receive a lump sum payment for your unused annual leave.

Law enforcement retirement


Q. I am a federal employee with law enforcement status. My mandatory retirement date is calculated as the end of the month in which I turn 57 years of age (March 31, 2014). However, I have determined that retiring at the end of the 2013 leave year, which is Jan. 11, 2014, is the best date for me to retire so that I may: 1) take advantage of the 100 percent sick leave credit now available to FERS employees, and 2) permit the maximum annual leave lump-sum payment available to me at that time. I can’t see any benefit to…

First year rule


Q. I understand that if you exceed the special retirement supplement earnings limit for the year you retire, you will not be eligible for the special retirement supplement for the rest of that year. Is this correct? I will be eligible to retire Jan. 22, 2015. I would like to carry into the 2015 year 240 hours of annual leave. There are two pay days in 2015 prior to Jan. 22. Most likely, the lump-sum payment for 240 hours of annual leave and January wage earnings will exceed the special retirement supplement earnings limit for 2015. If I put all…

Paid and nonpaid leave


Q. In considering leave without pay unrelated to the Family and Medical Leave Act or military duty, is there a requirement that annual and sick leave must be exhausted before granting LWOP? The following from 5 CFR doesn’t completely address this: If an employee has exhausted his or her available annual or sick leave or other forms of paid time off, he or she may request leave without pay. LWOP is a temporary nonpay status and absence from duty that, in most cases, is granted at the employee’s request. A. Leave without pay is a temporary nonpay status and an…

Leave while reservist is activated


Q. I am a military reservist. If I am activated/mobilized into active duty, can I use annual leave with my military leave to cover some of the time I will be activated? Can I use sick leave as well? I do not want to take leave without pay if I can help it. A. You may only use annual leave.

Retirement and leave year


Q. If I retire Jan. 11, 2014, the end of the leave year for 2013, will I be able to carry all my leave over exceeding my use or lose from 2013? A. Because the 2013 leave year for most agencies ends Jan. 11, 2014, the answer is probably yes. Just check to be sure your agency is one of them.

VERA and returning to federal service


Q. I retired under a VERA in 2008 from the U.S. Postal Service with 23 years and collect an annuity and have my health insurance deducted from my annuity. I pay the postal service premium for my health insurance, which is less than those of other government agencies. I am looking to be reinstated with another government agency. 1. Will my annuity end or decrease? If so, how will it be calculated? 2. Will I have to pay the higher premium for my health care through the new agency? 3. Will my annuity amount increase when I retire from my…

Annual leave payout


Q. I retired from the Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Agency on Dec. 29. I was expecting the payment for my accrued annual leave to come in the same check as my final pay period, but it did not.  Does it come in a separate direct deposit? How long does it normally take to process? A. An annual leave payment isn’t included in an employee’s final paycheck. That check is based on your having completed two weeks of work in a pay status. The annual leave check will be paid after your retirement application results in the termination of your government…

Military service and leave, retirement


Q. I am an activated reservist who has been on military leave without pay from my civilian job as a federal firefighter for four years. I have two questions, one regarding my retirement and the second concerning leave earned on MLWOP. I was hired at age 36 (in 2006) and under normal conditions should be able to retire after 20 years of service at 56 and immediately draw my full retirement (without penalty). Will my four years of activated reserve time be considered part of those 20 years? That is, will I still be able to retire at 20 years…

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