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FERS, military service and disability


Q. I’m 51 with 27 years of technician service in the Army National Guard and may be medically disqualified on the military side of the house. I’m wondering if this falls under the FERS discontinued service retirement formula or if it would be a FERS disability retirement and fall under the formula of 60 percent the first year and 40 percent after that.

Disability retirement


Q. I am 51 (I turn 52 in April) and have been a law enforcement officer for 23 years, plus four years of military time that I bought back. Because of torn retinas, I have lost all depth perception permanently and have been placed on light duty pending further medical review. I will likely be ruled unable to perform in a law enforcement position and unfit for duty. I wasn’t planning on retiring, but now it might be forced on me with a FERS disability retirement. If that is the case, what is better — to just retire voluntary, before…

Health insurance following 6c disability retirement


Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer with four years of service in a 6c covered position. I was injured in the line of duty and my agency is unable to accommodate me in another position, so I am being medically retired. What are the health insurance options for me and my family after my disability retirement? A. Assuming that you are enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, as a FERS disability retiree you will be able to continue that coverage. Note: When you apply for FERS disability retirement, you must simultaneously apply for Social Security disability…

FERS disability and pension


Q. I am a dual-status Air National guardsman with 26 years of service in FERS. I started a medical worldwide duty evaluation in September 2011, and the clinic has been gathering information from my doctors via me. In May 2012, I was told that I was being non-retained on the military side due to restructuring. I was told that since I had 26 years of federal service, I would draw an immediate pension and that would disqualify me for FERS disability, which would be better for me. Is this true? A. Yes.

FERS disablility and military buyback


Q. If I pay about $4,000,  I will have my 12 years of military service counted toward my FERS retirement. I got hurt at my federal job and I’m thinking about asking for FERS disability. One problem, I am a month shy of the 18 months required. Can I  pay only  a portion of the $4,000 (to have the month required), or do I have to pay the whole amount. Are we allowed to just pay part of the buy-back money? A: First, you have to have 18 months of creditable civilian service under FERS to be eligible to apply…