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Q. The minimum retirement age under FERS is 56 in my case (date of birth May 15, 1956). My PS Form 50 states my retirement plan as A – FERS FROZEN. Do I still qualify for the MRA+ 10? A. According to the Office of Personnel Management, “When a CSRS employee elects to become covered by FERS, the SF 2806 must be ‘frozen’ or ‘redesignated.’ Whether the SF 2806 is ‘frozen’ or ‘redesignated’ depends on whether the employee had enough prior service to have a CSRS component in a future annuity.” Thus, the FERS FROZEN designation has no affect on…

Frozen service


Q. I started in February 1980 as a term employee with the federal government. In April 1985, with no break in service, I became career conditional and have worked continuously since. I have not paid back any of my time, and I understand that my annuity will be reduced because of an unpaid CSRS deposit. Recently I heard the term “frozen service.” What does it mean? A. Frozen service means the total years and months of civilian and military service that is creditable in a CSRS component of a FERS employee or, in the case of a CSRS Offset employee,…