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Retirement date and holiday


Q. I am a CSRS employee looking to retire this year. If I were to elect July 3 as my retirement date, would I receive payment for the July 4 holiday since I was in a pay status the day before the holiday? A. If you retired at close of business July 3, you’d be on the annuity roll July 4. Since you would no longer be an employee, you wouldn’t be paid for any day after the 3rd. The fact that the 4th is a holiday is irrelevant.

Traveling on a federal holiday


Q: I am being required to travel on a federal holiday to attend training.  My Human Resources department has advised me that I will not be given travel compensation time off  or paid overtime based on a 2005 OPM directive.  That is:  “Although most employees do not receive holiday premium pay for time spent traveling on a holiday (or an “in lieu” holiday), an employee continues to be entitled to pay for the holiday in the same manner as if the travel were not required.  Thus, employees may not earn compensatory time off for travel during basic (non-overtime) holiday hours…