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Workers' comp and Social Security


Q. I have been receiving federal workers’ compensation since February 2007 for an on-the-job injury. I never applied for Social Security disability. I turned 66 on Feb. 3 and applied for my full SS retirement benefits. If I hadn’t been injured on the job, I would still be working and would continue to work while receiving my full retirement benefit from Social Security (as allowed by SS). Can I continue to receive the OWCP monthly benefit and get my full retirement benefit? I would like to supplement my SS retirement benefit and continue to work, but my injury keeps me…

Pay for time off while injured


Q. I am a Postal Service employee (regular rural carrier). Some time back, I sustained a back injury on the job. It was approved through the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs for necessary treatments and I eventually had surgery on my back. I subsequently returned to my job and began having back problems again. OWCP approved treatment/office visits again. I received some shots into my back to try to relieve the pain. How do I get paid for the time off I have to take for doctor’s visits and treatments when they occur periodically (as needed) and are often for one day?…

Counting injury leave toward retirement


Q: If I received compensation for two years because of an injury at the U.S. Postal Service, does this delay my retirement for two years? A: If you were in leave-without-pay status while in receipt of workers’ compensation benefits, you’ll receive full credit for that period of time in determining your length of service and your high-3. LWOP while receiving Federal Employees Compensation Act, or FECA, benefits isn’t subject to the six-month limitation in a calendar year, as is other LWOP.