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Maximum leave carryover


Q. I am a federal employee now working stateside but have worked overseas where my maximum annual leave carryover amount was 360 hours. My local human resources officer and comptroller are telling me that any time I drop below 360 hours of annual leave on the books, within a given leave year, my new maximum leave carryover amount will be the lower amount that I have on the books (which is below 360 hours). But some employee handbooks/desk guides seem to imply that as long as you are at 360 hours at the end of the leave year, you will…

Annual leave carried over


Q. I carry 240 hours of annual leave over every year. If I were to be on sick leave the last 2 months of the calendar year, would any excess annual leave I was unable to use carry over as well as the 240 hours? A. Yes, if you were unable to use your excess annual leave because of sickness that occurred late in the year and was of such a duration that its use could not be rescheduled by the end of the year. Your agency would restore that leave and place it in a separate account. You’d have to use that no…

Annual leave


Q. After working 26 years for the Postal Service, I transferred to the Defense Department.  Postal Service employees have a higher annual leave carryover limit than other federal sectors. I currently have 466 hours of annual leave and the max carryover for  DoD is 240.  Will I lose all annual leave hours in excess of 240 if not used by Dec. 31? A: According to OPM, “The Postal Service Reorganization Act provides that an employee transferring between the USPS and other agencies may not lose benefits if the employee transfers without a break in service. The employee is entitled to carry over the…

Unused leave


Q: As a federal civil service employee in the Defense Department, I usually have several days of use/lose annual leave at the end of the year. Rather than taking off almost the entire month of December to avoid losing accrued annual leave, am I allowed to sell back the unused leave? A: There is no provision in law that would allow you to be paid for unused annual leave that exceeds the carryover amount from one leave year to the next.