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Adding family member to health paln


Q. I have been a federal employee for five years and have covered myself and my minor child under the BCBS basic family plan. My husband is disabled and receives Medicare for his primary and his employee plan for his secondary health insurance. His employer plan’s monthly premium has become expensive, and it would be more cost-effective if he were on my plan. Can I add him to my family plan during open enrollment? A. Yes.

Adding wife to BCBS


Q: I have been on the phone on several occasions talking to BCBS customer service people and all seem to be at a loss and I never get the same answer to what I believe should be a simple question. I am a federal employee currently covered by BCBS under the standard program self only. My wife arrived in country this past March and now that open season is here I want to add her to my policy. I know I have to upgrade to the family plan; I am all for that. Please tell me what I must do…

Medicare-related health plan options


Q: The 2011 open-enrollment season will to intoduce a voluntary sub-option for annuitants who receive Medicare Part B. Can you give me an update on this Office of Personnel Management proposal? Will all the participatng plans offer this, especially Blue Cross/Blue Shield? A: On April 7, OPM issued its annual call letter to plans participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. In the letter, it encouraged them to propose “pilot programs wherein participating carriers offer a sub-option for Medicare-eligible annuitants as an alternate choice within their existing option(s). The sub-option may include premium pass-through accounts to be used solely…