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Pension after four years of Post Office work


Q. I worked for the U.S. Post Office for around two years in the late 1960s, enlisted in the Air Force and served for four years, and returned to work at the Post Office for around two years in the early 1970s after being honorably discharged. Am I entitled to a pension or benefit? If so, how do I apply for them?

Military personnel records and service computation date


Q. I am concerned about the calculation of my service computation date in two directions. I was on active duty for about 5½ years and got off active duty in 1971. That time is easily documented. I later joined the Army Reserve in 1979. After that, I had some periods of active duty, including one about four months long. I didn’t keep documentation. Then in 1981, I entered civil service. I gave them my orders for some of the active-duty time, and they adjusted my SCD to include it. Many years later, the agency I worked for changed policies for…

Federal law enforcement officer working past age 60


Q. Can an 1811 who doesn’t have 20 years and is 60 or older continue to be employed as an 1811 without the president’s approval? I have noticed plenty of 1811 employees were hired in their second law enforcement career when they were 47 to 50. Some of the 1811s will not have 20 years of covered service until they are 67 to 70. The bulk of these employees are former United States Secret Service employees previously covered under the Washington Plan and are receiving their full retirement benefits since they worked for that agency for 20 years.

Disability retirement, rehiring and rights restoration


Q. I was injured on the job in 1998. I applied for OPM disability retirement and Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. OPM was approved first. I took that. Later, OWCP was approved and I spent nine years on OWCP. After that ended, I went back to retirement. Later, I was rehired by the government as a disabled annuitant. Am I entitled to a restoration of rights (5 USC 8151) for that time spent on OWCP (this would add nine years to my federal record)? I now work for the VA but was injured at INS. Can I apply to have…

Basic pay for retirement


Q. As a WG/WL shift worker who change days off every four weeks and works Sunday premium days and all holidays, can I count on these extras in my retirement pot? I am almost certain that overtime and bonuses are not included. I have looked in 2012/2011 almanac for the answer. To me, the almanac is geared toward the GS side of the family. I am planning on retiring soon after 41 years. From what I can see, my high-3 is based on straight M-F day shift base pay.

Obama health care law and FEHB changes


Q. I am a CSRS retiree. I retired in 2005. I am a subscriber to the Federal Employee Health Benefits program, specifically Blue Cross-Blue Shield’s Standard Option with family coverage. My wife and I are also qualified for Medicare Parts A and B. That makes Medicare the primary coverage and FEHB/BC-BS the secondary coverage for any health benefits paid. 1. What (if any) changes in the plan’s coverages are anticipated for 2014 and beyond, due to the health care law? 2. Does OPM anticipate that current retirees/program members will be forced into a health care provider’s coverage offered under the…

Options after losing job-required license


Q. I am a FERS employee, 54 years old with almost 30 years of service. My performance has been above average, and I am a good employee. I am a licensed (medical field) therapist, and unfortunately, I just got a third DUI, which calls for mandatory jail time and is a class 6 felony. With a class 6 felony, I will lose my medical license and, I am told, my job. I was told by human resources I should resign and then wait until I am 62 to collect a deferred retirement. However, I still need to pay my bills…

FERS retirement contribution gap


Q. I am under FERS. If the human resources office states that I did not pay into the retirement system from 1985 to 1986 and OPM says deductions were made into the retirement system, when the retirement package is submitted and if OPM was wrong in its initial determination, will I be afforded the opportunity to make that payment after the retirement package has been submitted?

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