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Pay increases


Q. Can you tell me how Executive Level IV pay, which limits the maximum pay of GS scale employees, is calculated? What is the formula? In searching, I can find the pay rate but not the rules. In other words, will GS-15 Step 9s and Step 10s who have hit that ceiling ever see that ceiling rise?

Pay increase and high-3


Q. I just received a pay increase that became effective March 1. I plan on retiring in June. Will this pay increase count toward my high-3? I’m CSRS. A. Yes, because your high-3 is based on the average of your highest three years (78 pay periods) of basic pay you received.

Too early to determine pay-freeze details


Q: I just heard the news about the freezing of federal employees’ pay rates. Does this also mean that we will not receive within-grade increases that are due to us in the next two years?    A: Because a pay freeze is a proposal and not a fact (the Congress would have to pass legislation to make it happen), it’s far too early to say what would happen to within-grade increases.