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VSIP and re-employment


Q. I worked for the federal government for over 28 years. I retired last year under Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay provisions June 30, 2012. I am considering re-employing/reinstating. Am I eligible to return to work on July 1, one year after retiring? Can I repay the VSIP in cash or in payments? I read once that you can make payments for up to 36 months upon re-employment but am not sure whether this is correct. I understand the VSIP must be paid back before I return to work. Upon re-employing with the government, will I be able to contribute to…

FEGLI premium recovery


Q. While the human resources department was preparing my CSRS retirement notice, it discovered an error in my life insurance. Twenty years ago, I elected an amount equal to “five times my salary.” However, my agency has only been deducting premiums from my salary for “one times my salary.” They now want me to repay almost $30,000 in back premiums covering the past 20 years. Is there not a statute of limitations on premium recovery or other reasonable remedy? A. No, there isn’t.

Primary vs. secondary insurance


Q. I have been covered by my wife’s GEHA plan for the past 10 years, and I continue to be covered under her policy (as do our two kids; we are in a self and family plan). Two new variables are coming into play for my health care: 1) I will be eligible for Medicare coverage in two months; and  2) I just started receiving a federal annuity. (Note: I am eligible to receive Social Security but have not yet signed up). I have two related questions: 1) If I continue to remain under my wife’s Federal Employees Health Benefits…

Payroll deductions after maxing out


Q. I am a under CSRS. I maxed out (41 years, 11 months) in January. I am aware that CSRS deductions will continue and will be returned to me with interest upon my retirement. However, my leave and earnings statement does not indicate how much is being put into this account. The L & E statement also indicates that the government is also still contributing. Is this normal, or should I be seeing how much is in this account? A. Nothing changes when you reach the number of years and full months of service that would produce the maximum earned…

Military buyback and VSIP


Q. I am a 53-year-old FERS employee who requested to buy back my military service time through payroll deductions. The intent was to retire at 62 from federal service, at which time the years of military service would have been completely bought back. Now, my agency is offering Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments. I am tempted to accept one and opt for a delayed retirement. I don’t believe the VSIP would affect my projected future retirement benefits (please verify that). However, must I continue to make monthly payments to the Office of Personnel Management to complete the buyback prior to age…

Payroll tax


Q: I just received my Dec. 29 payroll statement. My first payment in 2011 shows the same Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) deduction I had in 2010. Is this because my employer did not have the chance yet to use the new 4.2 percent rate? Will I get the difference back retroactively? A: Pay statements tell you what you earned and what was deducted during the previous two weeks. Therefore, you haven’t received a payment in 2011. If you are like most employees, you won’t receive a pay statement that will reflect the new rate until the first…

Lump-sum payout deductions, limits


Q: In previous responses, you indicated that when a lump-sum base closure and realignment payment is made, federal and state income taxes, as well as Medicare deductions, will come out of the payment. You also indicated Social Security deductions can be taken out. As a Civil Service Retirement System employee, I do not pay into Social Security. Does that mean that no CSRS retirement payments will be taken out? Also, the lump sum will be close to $80,000 and should be paid in my last paycheck; are there any limitations on payouts? A: Social Security deductions would only be made…