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Buy back


Q. I have 20 years at the VA and two years of military service of which I paid back to get credit. I worked in the Postal Service from 1970 to 1977 and took out my retirement.  Can I repay, with interest, that money to receive credit for those seven years? A. Yes, you can.

Health insurance in retirement


Q. Will the government continue to pay a portion of health care premiums after I retire (as a FERS participant)? Or am I on the hook for the entire premium at that time? I anticipate retiring at age 67 with 36 years of service.

Postal Service annuity


Q. I worked for the Postal Service from 1979 to 1981, then quit. I started working again in 1984 and quit again in 2000. Now I am employed at the Post Office again as a city carrier assistant. What will my retirement from the Post Office look like? I just turned 61. I have always had two jobs, some self-employment and others where I was an employee. Will I be entitled to an annuity from the Postal Service or, at this point, does it matter putting in more years there?

Pension after four years of Post Office work


Q. I worked for the U.S. Post Office for around two years in the late 1960s, enlisted in the Air Force and served for four years, and returned to work at the Post Office for around two years in the early 1970s after being honorably discharged. Am I entitled to a pension or benefit? If so, how do I apply for them?

Insurance in retirement


Q. I have almost 33 years with the government and have FEHB, which also covers my wife and son. I would like to start planning my retirement but am not sure I can afford to keep this coverage once I retire. Will it be the same cost to BC/BS when I retire that I am paying, or will it increase?

Retirement and insurance with more than 30 years in CSRS


Q. I am 55 with 36 years of federal employment, including two one-year breaks in service. The last break was in 1985. I withdrew the funds I had paid into CSRS each time I broke service and have repaid a minimal amount of it. I thought I would be one of those people who worked forever; however, I have a progressively degenerative medical condition and likely will not be able to work more than another year at the most. I am totally ignorant about retirement and to what benefits I am entitled. For example, will my pension benefits be reduced…

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