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Disability retirement


Q. I am 51 (I turn 52 in April) and have been a law enforcement officer for 23 years, plus four years of military time that I bought back. Because of torn retinas, I have lost all depth perception permanently and have been placed on light duty pending further medical review. I will likely be ruled unable to perform in a law enforcement position and unfit for duty. I wasn’t planning on retiring, but now it might be forced on me with a FERS disability retirement. If that is the case, what is better — to just retire voluntary, before…

Lower-graded job for health reasons


Q. I am a 50-year-old, 25-year U.S. Fish and Wildlife employee hoping to get to full retirement in several years. I have developed Parkinson’s disease, however, and may be unable to successfully fulfill my current role as a biologist. If I take a lesser-grade job available, will my pay stay the same or will it drop? Also, if I go out on disability through this original job, can I get a random nonfederal job at a local business to keep active? A. If you take a lower-graded job, your pay would only remain the same if your current salary fell…

Firefighter disability and military service


Q. I’m a federal firefighter and will be put on disability status due to an on-the-job injury. I have reviewed FERS and OPM information regarding the 60 percent of high-3 for first 12 months and 40 percent thereafter. I bought back 10 years of military time when I got hired. I have been working as a fireman for 13 years. What will happen to my military time when I go on disability? A. Nothing. Your disability annuity would be based on your high-3 average salary and a set of formulas that depend on the amount of your Social Security disability…