Medicare coverage for pre-1983 federal retiree


Q. My father retired from the federal government in 1976. For whatever reason, he does not have Medicare Part A. My mother recently suffered a stroke, and because my dad did not have Medicare Part A, rehab at a nursing facility will not be covered. Apparently federal workers did not pay into the Social Security system back then and therefore have had to pay separately for Part A. It took hours of calls to SSA, OPM and Medicare to unravel this bureaucratic mess! BCBS (federal) is his secondary insurance and would not pay because Medicare A is primary. (BCBS was…

Reduction in force and retirement


Q. I will be 58 next year, when we are supposed to be RIF with the Postal Service if we have not found another EAS position. At that time I will have 24½ years in and be 58. I understand I will be eligible for DSR. How is the amount calculated? Is it the same as the FERS amount, is it permanent and can I still receive the FERS supplement? Can I receive DSR and FERS, or just the DSR or FERS? I don’t want to retire but am trying to see how I will be financially if I am…

Special retirement supplement


Q. I took a job last year. After reporting my earnings to OPM this year, I will not be receiving a FERS Social Security supplement in the future. What happens to the money? Do I simply lose the funds? Does this increase my future Social Security payments?

Social Security for CSRS Offset employee with private-sector work history


Q. I am 55. I have put in more than 14 years of federal service as a civilian (11 years from 1980-1991 and three-plus years beginning in 2011 through now). I also put in 23-plus years in private industry paying from Social Security 40 credits. I anticipate working in federal service for an additional seven to 10 years. In general, how will my retirement be calculated to include both the CSRS Offset and Social Security?

Benefits for retiring at 65 with 29 years


Q. I’m a FERS employee thinking of retiring at the end of 2014. I’ll be 65, and with time served, military and sick leave (barring any lengthy illness between now and then), I’ll have 29 years, plus a couple of months. I know I’ll be losing some benefits from Social Security, leaving a year early, but what would the loss be from leaving before the 30-year mark?

CSRS Offset and Social Security


Q. I am under CSRS Offset. I am eligible for Social Security under my own record, but also under my husband’s. Can offset in CSRS be taken from my record if I take my husband’s record, or will it take the offset off my husband’s record? Social Security said I would get more under my husband’s record than my own. So I am wondering if I never apply for my record if my offset will increase each year I don’t take it.

CSRS retirement and Social Security


Q. I have been a federal employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs covered by CSRS since October 1977 and have four years of military service (I paid the military deposit in full). I am 75 and have started receiving Social Security. I will be retiring in about one year and eight months, having reached 41 years and 10 months years of service, including military service, hoping to have earned or reached the 80 percent retirement annuity. I am at the top level of my GS-12 grade step 10. What will my civil service and Social Security benefits be? Or,…

Retiree returning to federal work


Q. I am planning to retire at age 62 with 22 years in the federal government and in FERS as a Title 38 employee. I am aware that there will be a limited amount of money I can make without affecting Social Security benefits. If I came back to work in my agency as a contract, fee basis or a consultant, would there be a penalty or offset in my federal FERS annuity?

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