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Social Security disability and special retirement supplement


Q. I took the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority on July 31. I am receiving the special retirement supplement. I have since applied for Social Security disability. If I am approved for SSDI, will I lose the supplement even though I did not file for Postal Service disability? And will I have to pay back the supplement for the months I receive back pay from Social Security? And will I need to notify the Office of Personnel Management that I am receiving Social Security disability?



Q. I am eligible to retire October 2014 under FERS at age 56 (my minimum retirement age). Are you allowed to take both the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay? If not, which would be smarter to take?

Retirement eligibility


Q. I am 61 years old. I have more than 17 years of civilian service. I would like to retire early by age 62. Is this an option with MRA+10? Voluntary early retirement is not an option yet. A. At age 62, you could retire on an immediate, unreduced annuity with as few as five years of service.

Special retirement supplement


Q. I work for Customs and Border Protection. I am 59 years and eight months old with 20 years and three months of service. If I retire ASAP, can I receive the special retirement supplement? Any information for early buyouts for us? It would make more sense to give us early buyouts and not furlough the front-line officers. A. If you are a law enforcement officer, you can retire at any time. If you aren’t, you can only retire under the MRA+10 provision unless you are offered an early retirement opportunity by your agency. If one is offered, you’ll learn…

Difference between VERA and VSIP


Q. What is the difference between VERA and VSIP? A. The Voluntary Early Retirement Authority allows employees to retire early if they are age 50 with 20 years of service or any age with 25. The Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment can be made to any employee who leaves government, whether he is eligible to retire or not. VERAs and VSIPs are often offered at the same time, with the VSIP being narrowly targeted to positions the agency wants to restructure or eliminate.

Early retirement and annuity reduction


Q. I am a 45-year-old letter carrier under CSRS with 25 years of service. If I accept an early retirement offer from the Postal Service, will I still be subject to the 2 percent-a-year penalty for being under my minimum retirement age? What other penalties will I face accepting a VERA at an early age? A. Yes, as a CSRS employee, you’d be subject to the 2 percent per year permanent reduction in your annuity. Another effect would be that your annuity would be based on fewer years of service than if you’d waited until you reached age 55 and…

VERA and special retirement supplement


Q. I will be age 59 in May with 21 years in. How does VERA/VSIP apply? Will I be able to get the special retirement supplement until age 62, and at what age would it start? A. The Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and the Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment are two different things. If an employee is offered a VERA, he can retire at age 50 with 20 years of service or at any age with 25. If he is offered a VSIP, he can accept the money and leave, regardless of whether he is eligible to retire. Because you meet…

VERAs and sick leave


Q. If I have met the requirements for a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority being offered in 2014 (over 25 years and any age — in my case, 27 years and age 46), would I get credit in my retirement benefit calculation for sick leave. I know after Dec. 31, 2013, the full amount can be used. However, I wasn’t sure if you have to retire under “normal” circumstances and whether it was still applicable in a VERA situation. After meeting the requirement for a VERA, I know you can collect your retirement annuity immediately. Does the same hold true for…

VERA vs. immediate annuity


Q. You recently answered a question that stated there would be no point in accepting a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority offer if already eligible for an immediate retirement annuity. If, however, there is a monetary incentive involved, wouldn’t it be smarter to take the VERA to receive the cash incentive? A. There isn’t any monetary incentive under the VERA, only with a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment. So, my answer stands.

VERA/VSIP offers


Q. If a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay is offered, how can a Defense Department employee find this info if the agency does not announce the news? A. You can’t. You’ll learn about it when the offer is made.

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