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Q: With the end of the group policy long term care insurance this year, it is my understanding that the Office of Personnel Management will replace the group policy with another. I have had this insurance for a number of years at a fixed rate. When the new group policy takes effect, will I still pay the same amount with the same benefits or is this an opportunity for my premium rates to change? This concerns me, I really don’t need my rates to go up at this time, however, it would be beneficial if they went down or stayed the same. Is there any indication what the rates will do under the new contract for us who have this insurance for a number of years? Also, when will the change be made, the first pay period in 2009? I have looked at the Web site, and it only addresses this issue for those that are signing up this year for long term care insurance.

A: OPM is currently conducting open enrollment. You can find information on the OPM site.

— Reg Jones


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