Two disability annuities at once


Q: I retired on Federal Employees Retirement System disability about 5 years ago. I then went to work part-time for a private company and have been there for 3 years. I have ALS, a neurological disease that is progressive, and I will die from it within the next couple of years. I can no longer work at my private company. My private company is encouraging me to use their long-term disability insurance and retire. I feel a bit strange about taking advantage of the private insurance when I already receive FERS disability. Is there anything illegal about taking two disability retirements? Is FERS negatively impacted if I accept the second disability retirement?

A: There is no impediment, legal or otherwise, to accepting your company’s long-term disability insurance even though you are a disability retiree. Doing so wouldn’t affect your FERS disability annuity.


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