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Q. In November 2003, I was forced to retire involuntary because of a reduction in force by the Department of the Navy and I received an annuity. Three months after, in March 2004, I was rehired by the Department of Defense. When I started the new job with a new agency I received a letter from the agency stating that because I was a rehired annuitants I would continue to receive my annuity but my salary would be reduced by the amount of annuity that I had received and the deduction was effective March 2004.
Now, after six years of work, this month I have submitted an application for retirement to my agency but I received an e-mail from the agent telling me that I have a problem with the retirement code. The agent told me that when I was re-employed I may not have been accessed correctly. It seems this is an error of the agency that when they hired me they put my annuitant code to G (FE- No Reduction).
How does this error effect my retirement benefit? What is happening to my retirement benefits now? What can I do if they refuse to pay me my retirement benefit because of No Reduction? As I know after six years I should have a recalculated annuity.

A. The matter will have to be resolved by you and your agency with the help of OPM. Begin by asking your local servicing office to bump the issue up to a higher level. Agency and departmental headquarters have direct access to the experts at OPM, who will be able to provide definitive answers.


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