CSRS Offset retiree applying for Social Security Disability


Q. I retired three years ago under CSRS Offset LEO. I had 20.5 years under CSRS offset, five years under regular CSRS, six years military time, which I brought back and paid Social Security. Additionally, I have contributed another three to four years to the Social Security system. During this time I had significant earnings. Due to my military injuries I have decided to go on Social Security Disability. I’m 53. Will my federal annuity be reduced? I have been told by several people that it won’t. What is the deal?

A. Your CSRS annuity won’t be reduced until age 62 when you first become eligible for a regular Social Security benefit. At that time, your annuity will be reduced to account for the Social Security benefit you earned while covered by CSRS Offset. The reduction is a requirement of law and is automatic.


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