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Q. I am a federal CSRS retiree and my 2010 monthly Medicare deduction increased from $96.40 to $110.50. My husband is a Social Security retiree only and his Medicare deduction remained the same for 2010 as was withheld in 2009, which was $96.40. In trying to find an answer to this disparity, one Web site tells me: “If you make less than $85,000.00 per year, it will be $96.40 per month. If you make more per year, see the link below for those amounts:” Since my gross monthly annuity is $3514.00 (annual total annuity of $42,168.00), is far less from the $85,000, I don’t understand this deduction. I only have Part B Medicare coverage since my federal Blue Cross and Blue Shield covers my prescription costs.

A. Because your husband is receiving a Social Security benefit and this year’s cost-of-living adjustment was zero, his premium was frozen under the “hold harmless” provision in the Social Security Act. The premiums of those who weren’t receiving a Social Security benefit, like you, went up.


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