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Q. I retired from civil service at the end of 1985. I chose at that time to take a reduced annuity to ensure my wife would receive an annuity if I died before her. She is still with me. My question is whether or not I can at this time discontinue the reduced amount. If so, will she still be eligible for some annuity to her in case I die before her? I ask this because I have received the reduced amount for the 25 years since my retirement, and it seems logical to me that stopping after this length of time should not preclude her from receiving some reduced amount in the event of my death before hers. If this is possible, what documentation is needed to accomplish it and what percentage would her monthly annuity be under this circumstance?

A. No, you can’t cancel your election of a survivor annuity. Since there isn’t any provision in law or regulation that would permit that, the rest of your questions are moot.


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