Rehiring after a buyout


Q: I worked in a federal job for 28 years and accepted a bonus for early out and transition to a contractor that was taking over IT jobs. I worked for the contractor for two years and retired. I want to know if I can qualify for rehiring with the government and, if I was offered a position, how would that affect my retirement pay and salary?

A: If you accept a paying job with the federal government within five years of the date of the separation on which that buyout was based, including work under a personal-services contract or other direct contract, you would have to repay the entire amount of the buyout to the agency that paid it to you before your first day of re-employment. Also, because you took early retirement, your annuity would stop, and you would be treated like any other employee. You would only be able to retire again when you met the age and service requirements.


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