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Q: I have a question regarding locality pay determination. I have been accepted to attend the Army War College starting in July. I will be there for 10 months. Since I am at Fort Monroe and will be reassigned to the Pentagon but will be TDY to Carlisle Barracks to attend the War College, shouldn’t my locality pay be determined by where I am assigned?

A: While I don’t know what your official duty station should be, I can give you some information that may be helpful. Certain location-based pay entitlements, such as locality pay, are based on the location of your official work site and position of record. The official work site generally is the location where you regularly performs your duties. If your work involves recurring travel or the work location varies on a recurring basis, the official work site is the location where the work activities of your position of record are based, as determined by your agency. Of course, your work location may change on a temporary basis. If you are in temporary duty travel status away from the official work site for your position of record, your official work site and associated pay entitlements are not affected. The same is true if you are temporarily detailed to a position in a different location.


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