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Q: I am under the Federal Employees Retirement System and work for the Defense Logistics Agency. I have worked at DLA since 1986 and worked for the Social Security Administration for two years before that. Two questions: What is the cutoff date for Civil Service Retirement System eligibility, and does my time working for SSA count toward FERS or CSRS?

A: Because you were hired in 1984, you were covered by an interim system made up of CSRS and Social Security. Because you had not served at least five years under CSRS when the Federal Employees Retirement System became effective Jan. 1, 1987, you were automatically covered by FERS and your service up to that point became FERS service.


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  1. I retired not too long ago, I got a pamphlet called “your federal retirement benefits, from OPM, i just notice that a my benefits , in part is also based on the amount of service performed on the amount of federal serivce i performed. They say my retirement is shows. Total Fed Svc as 22 yrs, 0 month, which correct, sick leave included is 975, military svc included in total is 00 yrs, 00 months…which is incorrect, i did 23 yrs. should this be corrected?

    • If you made a deposit to get credit for your active duty service and waived your military retired pay, you should get credit for that time in your annuity computation. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t.

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