Social Security disability benefits


Q: I read somewhere that if you had enough quarters of Social Security, like 28 or 30, you could qualify for your Social Security pay based on that and I would get both my Federal Employees Retirement System and Social Security disability retirement money, without there being an offset. Is that correct?

A: The criteria for receiving a Social Security disability benefits are much higher than those for a FERS disability benefit. To receive such a benefit with fewer than 40 credits, you would have had to be covered under Social Security from the time you turned age 22. Under no circumstance would you receive both benefits without an offset. The FERS law is clear. If you are receiving a FERS disability benefit, during the first year you will receive 60 percent of your High-3, minus 100 percent of any Social Security disability benefit. After the first 12 months, you’ll receive 40 percent of your High-3 minus 60 percent of and Social Security disability benefit. At age 62, your annuity would be recomputed as if you had actually worked to that age.


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  1. My wife is 60 years old , has 28 years FERS service with the IRS, and has been offered a VERA and a VSIP effective December 31 2017, QUESTION, can she then apply after December 31. for Social Security Disability .

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