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Q: I am in the Air Force Reserve. I am in a dual position and am a master sergeant. I have been in for over 32 years, 26 of them as a civilian. I will reach my high-year tenure (HYT) of 33 years in the military in April 2011. I understand I should be automatically extended until I reach my minimum retirement age (MRA) of 56 years old in November 2011. I would like to confirm that in November 2011, I will be able to retire in the Federal Employees Retirement System due to my mandatory separation from my military position, and that I will not only receive my unreduced FERS annuity immediately, but I will also be eligible for the FERS supplemental payment until I reach 62 years of age. Can you confirm this for me? I am having a very difficult time finding someone in the Reserve or at the civilian personnel office at the nearby base to give me a straight answer, and my time is running out.

A: If you are separated from your military position and, as a result, are no longer able to continue your civilian employment, you would be subject to involuntary retirement. Because of your age and service, you would then be entitled to an unreduced annuity based on your years of service and the special retirement supplement.


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