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Q: I retired at the end of 2007 but continued to work part time until February .  I “failed” my first earnings test in June 2009, and my supplement was suspended that August.  My earnings for 2009 were similar to 2008, but my earnings for 2010 will be below the threshold for a supplement reduction.  When and how will my supplement get turned back on?

A: According to the Office of Personnel Management, special retirement supplements are reviewed when it receives information on the annual survey they sent to retirees or from either the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service if a survey is not received. If the earnings limit is exceeded, the SRS is reduced or stopped effective July 1. If the next year’s survey (or information from SSA or IRS) shows that income has dropped, the SRS will be restored either in part or to its previous level. The date of the restoration depends on when the information is received.


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