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Q: I retired from federal service in 2006 under the law enforcement retirement provision. I have since been re-employed by the government with a waiver for a temporary law enforcement position that allows me to receive both my annuity and the full salary of my new job. I have been informed that when my temporary position ends, the Office of Personnel Management will recalculate my retirement. Are there are any special provisions that would apply to my situation due to being re-employed with a waiver? Because I have not been contributing to retirement in my temporary position, would the recalculation just involve additional years of service?

A: You’ll need to find out which appointment authority was used to hire you, because with rare exception, anyone who receives a waiver that allows him to keep his salary and the full salary of his position isn’t entitled to any additional retirement credit for the time he is re-employed. If your authority does allow you to get credit for that time, you’d have to work one year to be entitled to a supplemental annuity and at least five years to have your annuity recomputed. In either case, you’d have to make a deposit to the retirement system to get that credit.


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