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Q: I receive a FERS annuity, military retirement and in four months will be eligible to receive Social Security at age 62. Will my Social Security be reduced due to the windfall elimination provision?

A: No, the windfall elimination provision only applies to retirees who are receiving an annuity from a retirement system where they didn’t pay Social Security taxes, such as CSRS. Neither the military retirement system nor the FERS system fit that definition.


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  1. Q: I will eventually receive a FERS annuity, military retirement and when eligible, I will apply for my Social Security benefits. Will my Social Security be reduced?

  2. George A. Taylor on

    Hello, I will retire from the military this year with 25 years of service and I will be 100% disabled. My question is, I will turn 60 before I retire separate from the military. How soon can I file for SS# compensation once I turn six. I will wait on your respond.


    George Taylor

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