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Q. I am retired for nine years now and working in private industry. I will be 65 soon and would like to know if there really is any benefit in applying for Medicare. I have read every article in Social Security Administration, OPM and Medicare and they all say it is up to you. I have Blue Cross as an annuitant and don’t see any advantage to me in making the claim. What is your opinion?

A. They all say that it’s up to you because it is up to you. No two situations are the same. You’ll need to inventory your current and anticipated needs (along with any worse-case scenarios) and see if Medicare Part A, Hospital Insurance (which you are entitled to at no additional cost) and an FEHB plan will meet them. If you think the coverage is thin for things that are better covered by Part B, Medical Insurance, and the cost-benefits are in your favor, enroll in Part B. If not, don’t. However, just remember that what you think the future will be could turn out that way. Stuff happens when you least expect it.


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