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Q. I am turning 55 this year and have 34 years of service.  I am under the CSRS retirement system and I work for the National Guard as a technician.  I have two months of compensatory time on the books.  As a National Guard technician we fall under the CFR title 32 regulation.  Which, under CFR title 32 section 709(h), it states that a technician will get compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay. But my question is, what do we fall under for retirement purposes?  I understand that civil service employees at time of retirement will get paid for any compensatory time and annual leave they may have on the books and it does not matter what agency you work for.  I also understand that civil service retirement falls under CFR title 5 regulations.  Is this correct or does the agency you work for affect your benefits at time of retirement?

A. There’s only one set of rules, and they are administered by OPM.


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