LWOP impact on SCD and retirement


Q. A couple of related questions. I was in a LWOP status for seven months and a few days. My SCD was November 1982. Time in grade prior to LWOP was 27 years and seven months (plus a few days). I am now off LWOP working full-time. Do I still hit my 30 years in November 2012 or do I need to make up the seven months of LWOP? Do I meet the 30 years of service for retirement in November 2012?

A. A total of six months in a nonpay status in any calendar year is creditable service. Coverage continues at no cost to you while in a nonpay status. If you are in a nonpay status for only a portion of a pay period, your contributions are adjusted in proportion to your basic pay. Any time in LWOP beyond that six months is not. So, if your period of LWOP occurred in the same calendar year, that seventh month and a few days wouldn’t count when determining your length of service. On the other hand, if that LWOP was split over two calendar years, it would, as long as you didn’t exceed six months in either one.


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