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Q: My compensation date is July 29, 1968. I worked under CSR for 30 years and upon advice from our human resources department, I switched to FERS to get the matching funds and TSP tax-deferred deductions (which were not available to CSR workers at the time). At the same time I earned 40 quarters under Social Security (I worked a full-time job for 10 years at the same time as I started with the government full time). I am in good health and do not plan on retiring immediately, but I’d like to plan ahead. Additionally I became disabled in 1974, but continued to work with limited accommodations. While I am listed as handicapped, my position is covered under “full work conditions;” no special employment status. Are there any people in OPM who could give me any baseline retirement numbers?

A: OPM isn’t able to provide individual retirement benefits assessments. If your own personnel office can’t help you, I suggest that you try using the software at


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