Q. In 2011, I will be 46 and have 25 years (covered) as an 1811 in federal service. My agency no longer rehires annuitants. Is it possible to retire with the 25 years covered, start receiving all of my retirement benefits, then be hired in a noncovered GS 1801 position (without affecting the retirement payments/benefits)?  I have been told that although I can retire with the 25 years covered, I cannot receive my benefits if I take on another federal position — that’s why rehired annuitant positions were created.  I do not want to apply for a new job (1801) and transfer to that position — I want to retire from being an 1811, receive my benefits, and then find a new job entirely (1801) and build up new benefits.  Seems simple enough, but good luck trying to find someone that will actually take the time to research the situation and help you.

A. As a FERS employee with 25 years of covered service, you can retire at any age. As a retiree, you can apply for another government job. If you are hired, your retirement benefits would continue; however, as a rule, your new salary would be offset by the amount of your annuity. If you were to work for at least one year, you would be eligible for a supplemental annuity; if you worked for at least five, you’d be eligible for a redetermined annuity


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