CSRS offset in the absence of WEP


Q: When I started receiving Social Security retirement, my Social Security employment history was just under 30 years and so a modest WEP was applied to my benefits. Early the next year, with my 30th year W2 in hand, I was able to have my Social Security benefits recalculated to an amount absent the WEP. I also have a modest CSRS pension from about 11.5 years of service. When I reached age 62, but before I began taking Social Security benefits, a CSRS offset was applied, as I understand is a requirement of law. However, now that it can be demonstrated that my full Social Security benefit is not drawn from my Civil Service, surely there must be some way to remove the CSRS offset, the stated purpose for which it was created no longer being applicable.

A: No there isn’t. Application of the windfall elimination provision results in a permanent reduction in your Social Security benefit.


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  1. As a retired Social Security technical expert, I can say that the WEP can be removed once 30 “substantial” earnings years have been recorded. It is the CSRS offset that does not go away.

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