Annual leave repayment for rehired annuitant


Q: How is the amount of repayment determined when you change grades as a rehired annuitant? I retired on March 31, 2010, from IRS-CI, FERs law enforcement. I received a lump-sum payment based on a GS 14-10. I was picked up as a rehired annuitant with DHS as a special agent GS 13-10, criminal investigator. I had to repay back my annual leave. They are telling me that I have to pay back the unused portion at the rate I received it (GS14 level). When you do the calculation I pay back more than $2,200 that I will never get back because the difference in the rate of pay between the two positions is more than $10 per hour. When I leave this position I will be paid at the rate of a GS 13 for any unused leave. Thus I lose that money.

A: You’ll find what you want to know in law (5 U.S. Code 5551and 6303), regulation (5 CFR 550, subpart L), and an explanatory flier (


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