Military buyback and SCD


Q: In 1995, I retired from active service in the army with 17 years. I have been working for 10 years as a FERS employee. I recently paid the deposit for my military service. According to the OPM website, once I have paid the deposit, I should request a “remedy” through my servicing personnel office to DFAS and when I receive this, provide it to the personnel office. I have made the request for the remedy. My questions are: Does the fact that I made the buyback for the post-56 military service affect my Service Computation Date? Will this impact the amount of annual leave I earn per pay period? If the buyback of my service does impact my SCD, is there any kind of known timeline for this to occur?

A: Yes. Having made the deposit will change your service computation date and your annual leave accrual rate. You’ll have to check with your finance and personnel offices to see when the change will be effective.


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