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Q: I am a GS-1811 law enforcement officer covered under the early retirement provisions under the Federal Employees Retirement System. I have 10 years of federal service in a covered position (1811). I am contemplating on switching my job to other federal agencies. One position is not covered under the early retirement provisions. If I take the job and retire at my MRA, will I be eligible to receive 1.7 percent per year for last 10 years I worked as GS-1811 although I would not completed required 20 years under the provision? I have contributed additional 0.5 percent to the retirement pension. Another position is covered under the early retirement provisions but is not GS-1811. It is a congressional support position. Would the time of my 10 years in GS-1811 position count toward the 20 year requirement with the new position for the retirement?

A: If you took a noncovered position, when you retired your annuity would be calculated using the standard formula. You wouldn’t have your 10 years of covered service calculated using the more generous formula, nor would you receive a refund of the extra contributions you made. I don’t know what would happen if you transferred to another covered position in a different series. You’d have to check with that agency first before accepting a position. If necessary, they could check with OPM to get a definitive answer.


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