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Q: If I have 20 years in a federal law enforcement position at age 44, and decide to resign and not work, at what age could I apply for retirement benefits, and would they be calculated as law enforcement formula? I could not retire at 44 in this scenario, correct? Since I would not be 50 I would have to resign, right? Also, if I have 20 years in a federal law enforcement position at 44 and transfer to another non-law enforcement federal position, can I still retire at 50 with law enforcement formula?

A: If you resign, you would be able to apply for a deferred retirement at your minimum retirement age. If you were born in 1966, that would be 56 and four months; if 1967, 56 and six months. If you were to take another federal job, you would be able to retire when you reach age 50. If both cases, your 20 years of covered service would be computed under the enhanced formula for law enforcement officers. In the second case, any additional service would be calculated using the standard formula.


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