Temporary Disability Retirement List time and Service Computation Date


Q: I was wondering if time on the Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL) is considered creditable federal service to adjust my Service Computation Date (SCD). I have been a federal employee since August 2002. I was placed on the TDRL on April 30, 1998. I was on the TDRL for about four years before I was transferred to the PDRL with a service-connected disability of 30 percent (which was caused by an instrumentality of war). My SCD is based on a discharge date of April 30, 1998. I reviewed the OPM chapter 6, which covers creditable service, but I was still unclear as to how TDRL time counts (or does not count).

A: To the best of my knowledge, time spent on the Temporary Disability Retirement List isn’t considered to be creditable service for either leave accrual or civilian retirement purposes.


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