Receiving OWCP loss of wage earning capacity compensation


Q: I believe I can receive both OWCP compensation and Social Security retirement (not disability retirement) benefits with no offsets of any kind. However, can you please tell me where exactly in the OWCP regulations it says this? I know I saw it somewhere in OWCP information years ago, but I cannot find it now. I would like to have this in writing before I apply for my Social Security retirement benefits.

A: The Department of Labor has a Q&A site. Go to and read the answer to question 115.


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  1. i am and have been receiving owcp payments for 12 years and have been retired on fers disability for same time owcp payments in lieu of opm disability under fers . i have 14 years of federal service i will be 62 soon. can i stay on owcp till 66 and a half which is my full retirement age or do i have to go on regular annuity from opm also would time spent on owcp count as good years and would there be a reduction from social security or owcp at age 66 and a half

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