Suspension and subsequent reinstatement of FERS supplement


Q: On Feb. 11, 2011, a question was asked in regard to loss and reinstatement of the Special Retirement Supplement. Where can I find in writing the answer that once you fall back below Social Security max amount, the SRS amount lost will be reinstated? I could not find this information in chapter 51 of OPM CSRS/FERS handbook.

A: What you are looking for is implicit in Part 51A3. A reduction is only made in the special retirement supplement when a FERS retiree’s earning from wages or self-employment exceed the Social Security annual earnings limit. When annual earnings no longer exceed the limit, there is no reduction.


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  1. Edward Marlowe on

    I have been on the supplement for six years but took employment for four months last year earning $40K. I assume that my supplement will go away for a period of time. Now, this year, I have had no outside income. Will the supplement be reinstated or is it gone forever?

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