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Q: I’ve been informed that I will be “reassigned within the agency to fill existing vacancies”. My agency is NARA and I work at two locations: Washington, D.C., and College Park, Md. Could they offer me reassignment to another location within the NARA organization, other than these two places? What would be my preference for the existing vacancies, with 30 percent disabled veteran status and 14 years with the federal government, and 4 years and 11 months of military service? I’m a GS-11, step 5.

A: A reassignment at the same grade or pay can be made anywhere within your commuting area. Your agency can tell you what that is. In addition, if you signed a mobility agreement when you went to work for them, they could assign you to a position outside your commuting area. Your veteran status, years of service and grade have nothing to do with what you are offered or what you can accept.


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