Changing jobs under CSRS


Q: I work for the Treasury Department and have 28 years of federal service. I plan to retire in December  because I will have reached age 57. I am seeking federal employment (non 1811series) and am unclear as to how my retirement/salary would be affected if I took another federal job before retirement, and what would happen if that other job was again with treasury.

A: Generally, federal employees, civilian and military, are prohibited from receiving pay from more than one Federal Government source. The laws on dual employment apply to agencies in the executive, legislative and judicial branches, corporations owned or controlled by the government, and nonappropriated fund organizations under the jurisdiction of the armed forces. If you didn’t mean that you wanted to work two jobs at the same time, then when you made the switch and in what agency wouldn’t affect the basic rule that the salary of your new position would be offset by the amount ,of your annuity, unless you were hired into a position that permitted you to keep both unreduced benefits. If it did, you need to be aware that none of that time on the job would be creditable for retirement purposes when you left it.


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